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Welcome to our first blog post about our game Forsaken Legends! We’ve actually been working on the game since October of 2015, but we’re just now giving everyone a first look into what we’ve been up to. Let’s start with some background information about what Forsaken Legends actually is…

The best way to describe our game is a Sandbox Voxel Action MMORPG. That’s quite a mouthful :)

Some features of the game are an ever changing economy, full guild support, battle epic bosses(open world as well as instances), fluid combat, fully destructible worlds, fort building, crafting, exploring, and lots of other features we think our players will love!

We’ve already got a super solid foundation for the game completed. Combat systems are completed, and our voxel solution is built on top of Terrain Engine which is without a doubt the most powerful voxel solution available for Unity. Our networking solution is also completed, built on top of the new Unity Networking system. We have a fully authoritative server in place, and movement is as smooth as can be. We started working with an awesome group of people called Ironbelly Studios for all of our armor assets as well. If you’re in need of any art or development help with your game you should check them out.

Simply put, the game already looks amazing, combat is a blast, and fully destructive worlds are ready to be destroyed!

I could go on and on about everything we’ve already completed, but I think a video would be more entertaining for you, so check it out below. Before you do though, be sure to go and join our forums – here – so you can keep up to date with what’s happening with Forsaken Legends, and interact with our community. Check back frequently to see updates on what we’re currently working on, and if you’re a member of our forums, you’ll be the first ones to know about any early-access options we have for you!

We will be continuously adding to our development blog here with everything we’re working on. We look forward to working directly with our community and allowing you all to shape the direction our development goes. After all, we’re building this game for you, so your feedback is super important to us!

Visit to learn more about our game.

Here’s some screenshots I grabbed earlier today as well: