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    Welcome to the Forsaken Legends community! If you're brand new or just looking for some additional information look no further. We appreciate that you've taken an interest in our development of Forsaken Legends. Whether you just stopping by to take a look or already a part of pre-launch campaign we appreciate it all the same!

    If this is the first time you've read anything about our game it would be helpful for you to follow this link which will cover a lot of the main concepts and ideas we plan for this game.

    On that page you'll find a large sum of information and points discussing what we have planned for Forsaken Legends. I want to note that the videos on that page are outdated and no longer reflect the actual game play footage that will be represented from this point forward. However, the information within those videos about the game still hold true. We've decided to take a different approach on the art style of our game to go more in line with what we had previously envisioned the game to be. Any videos from this point onward will reflect this.

    Moving forward our development plan and process is pretty straight forward. Our old approach involved tackling the entire project in it's entirety all in one go. We ran in to some issues that have slowed down the development with this approach. Instead, we have decided to move to a more confined and refined approach. Our client will allow players to play content demos of our making. These demos will be about a certain aspect of content that we want tested. For example we might release a combat demo to test all of the combat related content. A crafting demo to refine our resource collection systems and crafting of items. Along with many other.

    At this point we've slowed down our development speed for the time being in order in attain more resources (financially) to keep the game moving forward. We are still actively working on the game, but just at a slower pace than before. We're looking to get back up to speed as quickly as we can in order to get content in your hands. If you've been with us for a while we had pretty regular updated that have steadily slowed down. Don't fret, they will return. :)

    There's been some questions that have repeated multiple times throughout he forums regarding the pre-launch campaign. If you purchase a pre-launch campaign package to help support the development of Forsaken Legends you will gain access to our client and all demos we release. If you want to upgrade your package at any time you can do so, just get in contact with the Forsaken Legends Administrator (Bobby) here on the forums. We'll be able to help you out with that.

    If you do not want to buy a package but still support our development we have set up a patreon page. There you can choose between different levels of pay to help fund out developer costs. Along with this if at any point you have reached the price of a Pre-Launch package you will gain access to that package. That's just a way to help out and also gain access down the road if you want!

    If you have questions, comments, concerns or feedback please do no hesitate to utilize the forums here. We want to be transparent in what we're doing and listen to what the community has to offer. One of our goals is to take a lot of aspects of games we love and put them together in a well organized way. A game where players can look forward to doing just what they want to do. That being said, we actively read forum posts and jot down ideas and feedback as we move forward with development. We don't reply to every post (as steam picks up it would be a task of it's own too), but we do read them!

    For additional information please check out our Youtube channel where you can find additional videos or seek out other forum posts! We also have a discord channel that you can chat with other members and us directly!

    Once again, thank you for taking and interest in Forsaken Legends and our development journey thus far!


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