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    There is a new section in the 'Pre-Launch' backers area of the forum, it will act as a home for lore orientated posts. It is currently only open to backers as reward for backing the developement of the game. It will hopefully allow you to read and learn a little more about the games lore prior to the point that we as players enter it.

    The main launch lore 'cinematic' WILL be public and will present the lore at a point closer in time to where the gameplay starts. In addition, items within the new section may be moved into the public areas at a later time and will everything will be open to ALL closer to launch.

    I am hoping to write a series of short stories that tell the story of how, as characters, you fit into the world and give an insight of the background to the situation you find youself in. Hopefully it will give you some idea of where the lore is headed.

    In addition to story based items, there may also be posts regarding lore based mechanics such as how the world works; currencies, calendars and social organisation for instance.

    This section will not touch on the lore that will open out post launch, that will remain spoiler free and be something you will discover as you play through the game.

    I would like to point out that this is still very much a work in progress and nothing is written in stone at this point but hopefully it will still be of interest to you the backers
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