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Discussion in 'Healer Class' started by Preston, Jun 3, 2016.

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    Have someone like me come along and bless the field.

    Also in a game called Wurm Online, someone with healing / magic abilities could bless the ground and make a beautiful light green grass appear that was like the fairway lawn at Augusta. The grass would never go away, you could put livestock on it to graze and never have to worry about feeding them.
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    I am not one to be called a Hardcore gamer (or so I assume) considering I enjoy taken up a game to play and enjoy with friends. We all take our favorite niche, RaveDragon would, of course, take the Tank. It fit his personality. My other friends take up mantle that they find fun and enjoyable as well. While I am more in tune with mystical and magical class, in the end, I end up being the healer of our group, running around keeping them all alive. This developed a bond between me and the Tank, I keep him up, he keeps the mob attention off me >.< Kind of an abusive relationship, never allowing him the sweet relief of death as he remains my meatshield to protect me....If any Tank Player reading this, this is for you all: THANKS! and also WELCOME! ^-^

    A Common Theam of Healers is they are weak in Physical combat senses. This mean against a powerful monsters, or even against a medium powerful monsters can be a tough battle alone. Even in games where they have awesome heals...it still a long drawn out battle of me mostly healing myself then go back to picking the monster health down with whatever healer weapons I have for the MMO or game (usually a holy item, mace or the like). Even the few combat spell a Healer may have is not really much better.

    Trade off? HEALING SPELLS! and, of course, cure type spells and the like! the party love you (when they forget how to stay out of the Red <.< ). This maybe where my lack of being a "Hardcore Gamer" may show itself, as while reading a few post, there was some comment voting to weaken the strength of the Healing aspect or limiting the effectiveness of certain spells and the like. I do not PVP, so never known Spam healing to be a problem for any player, though my dislike for spam healing is it remind me of a gerbil trying to hump a Horse....it trying it darnest but dang it, it just not making it...

    To Understand what I mean: the Biggest issue with spam healing for me is because the first one was not enough to get the job done, so you spam the button over and over to try to get your patient Health up high enough so when that monsters or boss does that attack that can take nearly all your health with a single swipe, they can survive to be healed up again. You're a Healer, it's your job to heal people....True, but just using the best or most cost effective heal that can be cast repeatedly does get boring when the fight drawn on, more so if it keeps you from being able to do other things that a Healer can and should do.

    That lead me to Healers as a Character. While the class system (as I understand it) you start off picking a base class that is your main but can branch off to learn other skills from other class as you level up. No idea the detail behind it all, if the Basic class effect your overall character effectiveness and growth, but if it does, even if taken combat skills from other class, it stands to reason those skills be less effective outside of their classes (or more effective within their class). What can set the Healer as a Class is it unique traits in the game. As a basic beginning class, certain things can come up that could require a healer touch, a few mention by some folks on this forum as well...
    1: Helping Tend or Healing and Fertilizing the Land
    2: Provide Medical attention to hurt NPC and Soldiers and the like
    3: Lend A helping aid to Events by being a Medic on the sideline or on the fields
    4: A Special Healer Class Event: The Plague: Join with Other Healers to combat the Plague!
    5: Job: Town Doctor/Cleric: When log out of a town or what not, you work to earn money as a doctor or cleric
    6: Open additional Classes (Up next)

    That just some random ideas, some may not be as good as others, though another could be they could make or craft medicine. But anyway, so that the basic idea for that as a character. Next up: Additional Class! While there no real sign of any addition class...it is a happy thought of mine that if you pick a basic class, such as Healer, that you can open at higher level, subclasses with their own healer type spells in general. Some example idea, which a few are also idea from this forum:
    1: Blood Healer: Focus on sacrifice health to heal teammate and drain enemies
    2: Doctor/Herbalist: Use medical herbs and plants gather and craft into medicine. Instead of Mana, it keep note of Medicine made and tick off as you use it, bringing a unique feature into game, requiring planning, preparations but a payoff is more powerful heals and buff
    3: Druid: Heal the land and animals who can summon animals to fight for you after charming them, Healing effect your animal friend only
    4: Necromancy: The Corrupt path of Healing, this is the combat aspect of the Basic Healer class, focus on corrupting the life energy by inflicting enemies with sickness, poison, and DoT. May result in lesser effect with healing skills...
    5: Avion Caller: Summon Fairies to heal allies out of their own life force, to keep them active, must sacrfice your own energy to keep them alive long enough to heal.

    Wells that just a few idea anyway, not sure how many if any are worth in brain power to read any of that. But this lead to my final Note on Healer: Targeting! In most cases, I watch the Group party bar, when someone get a debuff or start to dunk too low, I click on them and start casting my mojo...trying to click on them in the middle of Battle, squirming about among the mob, running in and out of your healer sight, dancing in the red like they expected Kool aid to rain on them then look surprises as all the red give them is their own sicken blood, Reassuring them that it not their organ your stuffin back inside of them, it just bacon and strawberry jam ^.^. In honestly, If a system setting not to my liking I move the key buttons about, though would be nice to have a button to quick target the more damage group memeber. I prefer targeting, since to be honest, most folks not paying much attention to the little guy healing them to know to stay still and be healed.

    Well I think I babble enough...hope this at least been somewhat useful in some ways. I hope to post something soon on the Biggest bane of Healing I every deal with...the dreaded Staying still to cast heal while everyone else running like it a marathon as well as maybe some power ideas :D take care

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