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    I'm new hear and you probably have a good crafting system in place but I thought it would be fun if ability's could influence cartable items for example if someone with the fireball ability made a sword and decided hey "I think I will infuse my fireball skill into this sword" and they do that sword if it misses it fires a fireball now the cost of that fire ball might still have to be paid so maybe the user pays with resource or the sword pays with durability every time the sword fires a fireball? I don't know it was just a thought.
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    Hi and welcome, I write the lore here on a volunteer basis so decisions are not mine to make.

    In the current lore, weapons and items can gain powers using special stones that are found around the world as drops or rewards. These can/could impart abilities, buffs etc to either the player or the item. As for a price for the extra 'power', not sure as to how that works, my current thinking lore wise, is that it drains the wielder in some way. This could be a loss of stats relevant to the item, skill or power the item imparts so as to allow balancing within the game. So for example, a weapon that can imparts a permanent 'drain health' buff might require a small loss of the wielders own base health, the lore side would probably lean towards these losses being applied while wielding the item rather than when it is used. Items that add a usable skill may require a one off balance payoff when the ability/skill is triggered in the way you describe or the skill might have a will of it's own and have a chance to go wrong in some way. As you say this could be applied to the item or the player.

    I have also toyed with the idea that the 'stones' could be integrated in more than equipment, items such as house items etc. They could then apply passives or protection for the building. Perhaps a personal shrine that imparts a limited timed buff after the player visits home, the buff persisting for a fixed time after visiting it, or a workbench that gives crafting bonuses etc.

    So far I am assuming that these 'stones' would need to be added to a weapon/item by a craftsman such as a jeweller rather than the smith who made the weapon. This cross craft requirement would, in my opinion, encourage players to work together within the crafting system and hopefully improve community interaction.

    All this is currently a loose lore idea, as far as I am aware the crafting system has not been finalised or fleshed out yet and I may have to rework things however, the options or uses for these 'stones' could be pretty varied, at least the way I have them placed within the story. What the mechanics of the in-game systems will actually be is not my decision to make, I just write stuff.

    Feel free to post ideas, if they fit within the lore or the devs like them, then you never know your ideas may become reality.

    Check out the Discord channel, it is a bit more active than the forum currently
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